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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If there is anything that we haven’t managed to answer, please feel free to drop us an email at info@hydroflyboard.com
The FlyBoard is a Hydro Jet Pack device that is trending as the star discipline on Hydro Flight Sports (AKA Vertical WaterSports). It is a board with 2 jets, one under each foot. The board is attached to a 45 ft. hose and then connected to a U-pipe which is assembled to the pump of the Personal Water Craft (PWC). The water pressure is controlled by the trainer sited on the PWC by regulating the throttle. The PWC sucks up water and then pushes it through the U-Pipe to the hose and then out of the nozzles (jets) lifting the HydroFlyer (user) out of the water.
Anyone without main medical restrictions*! Experienced trainers at Hydro FlyBoard guarantee you will fly your first day or your money back. As easy as that.
No age restriction!! Kids under 18 must have parental consent.
Weight restriction: Minimum weight is 80 lbs. and the maximum is 350 lbs.
Assisted flight (tandem) is available upon request for small adventurers under 80 pounds and under specific circumstances tandem hydro flight for people with disabilities can be arranged.

*Main Medical restrictions:

Recent fractures, operations or unhealed wounds
Hernias or back problems.
Lung or heart conditions.
People who can get convulsions.
People taking medication that can affect balance.
People intoxicated with alcohol or other illegal drugs.
FlyBoarding is not a sport that demands great strength or cardio, it’s not a sport about speed nor height; It’s equally easy for woman or man, regardless of age. Its easier than stand up paddle boarding (SUP), so if you feel capable of doing any board sport; then you are fit and agile enough to Fly at Hydro FlyBoard. FlyBoarding is about control, elegance and style.
Hydro Flying in a Marina and with instructors certified in the USA is VERY SAFE!
Receiving your lesson inside of the Marina, where there are no waves, no boats or any other water activities passing near you, will allow you to be more focused on the sport and have a lot of fun!
Each lesson is designed by your trainer for your personal benefits, so you will advance at your own pace and always under control.
The safety apparel was thoughtfully selected: very comfortable US coastguard approved vest, boots and helmet to make you feel extra safe.
Most people are up and flying within 5 minutes with our Certified Instructors and doing basic tricks in the first 20 minutes.

Your flight experience may vary depending on your ability to execute your HydroFlight instructor’s directions, but most are performing more advanced maneuvers (such as back dives or flying backwards) with a couple hours of HydroFlight time.
Take-off, turning and dolphin dives are the basic tricks everyone can do on their first day. There are many other cool tricks you can learn: board grabs, side dives, back dives, flying backwards, and a few have even done back flips the very first day! Your trainer will guide you step by step to achieve each trick. The key to success is: PRACTICE!
Inside The Marina at Puerto Los Cabos in the town of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. This means you will have the chance to practice in a “playground” specifically dedicated to this enjoyable sport.
This Marina is: just 25 minutes away from International San José del Cabo airport (SJD), 5 minutes from the historic downtown, and 35 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas.
Find us on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/p4l1s
Find us on Bing maps: http://binged.it/1MbCadj
Hydro FlyBoard trainers are totally in control of the height of your flight and the depth of yourdives…

You begin flying at only 1 foot over the surface of the water. And as you progress on your skills and feel more comfortable; you may increase your height gradually. Commonly, first time HydroFlyers feel comfortable flying between 5 and 15 feet. But it’s your decision to on how high you want to fly (the hose measures 45 feet).

When diving with the FlyBoard you generally go maximum 4 feet under water. This is a safe depth where equalizing your ear pressure is not necessary.
Tight or adjustable swimming suit is advised for your lesson
Waterproof Sunscreen (do not apply sunscreen on forehead)
At least 2 hours of digestion after your last meal
Well rested to enjoy with full energy.
Love salt water. It’s hard to smile, scream or laugh without tasting the salt.
Regular hours for your lesson are daily 9:00 am to 5:00 PM. Previous reservation is required for you lesson.

Closed during the month of September (low season)