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Shoes Hydro Flyboard

The Flyboard is a water jetpack device that allows you to fly in 3 dimensions. It gives you the freedom to go over and under water. The thrust comes from a PWC (Personal Water Craft) that runs through a 180 degree adapter into a hose. The hose is attached in a way so that the PWC follows behind the rider’s trail. The rider stands upon the board that provides underfoot propulsion giving complete control of the navigation, while the throttle/thrust is controlled by the trainer in charge of the PWC.

The Flyboard is buoyant for safety, which also allows the rider to rest in the water between rides if the rider happens to get fatigued. Personal flotation devices and helmet are always used.

What we offer

Hydro FlyBoard Los Cabos trainers are internationally certified 100% bilingual, passionate about watersports in Cabo, and committed professionals who guarantee you will take off and fly your first day or your money back.

hydro flyboar What_we_offer
flyboar What_we_offer
hydro fly boar what_we_offer
fly boar What_we_offer
hydro flyboar What_we_offer
hydro flyboar What_we_offer
hydro flyboar What_we_offer